A Beautiful Idea for Some Ugly Produce

Take a look at French supermarket Intermarché's brilliant strategy at reducing food waste: Effectively, the French grocery store bought the ugly produce their vendors would usually discard and sold it for 30% less. To convince people that ugly fruits and vegetables could be just as good as beautiful ones, they made soup and juice from … Continue reading A Beautiful Idea for Some Ugly Produce

Bastille Day: What’s the Big Deal?

Paris - July 1789 It is a hot, summer morning in Paris. Like the humidity which lies heavy upon the city, a spirit of unrest stews in the air. Thanks to M. Réveillon’s recent, ill-conceived proposal to the city council on combatting poverty (and the subsequent razing of his factory), rumors and complaints buzz from … Continue reading Bastille Day: What’s the Big Deal?

Studying Abroad in France: Housing

Trying to find housing even in the United States can be something of a trial, so arranging a living situation in a foreign country can seem downright impossible, especially if you're trying to do it before you arrive. The good news is that most program providers include housing in their cost, so you never have … Continue reading Studying Abroad in France: Housing