The Blank Page

There’s something unnerving about a blank, white page.

Empty. Cold. Infinite.

So often, it’s too easy to feel the spark of inspiration, only to be confronted with the great abyss of a blank page. And yet, there is also something about that emptiness and infinity that holds tremendous potential. Even more mutable than a field awaiting planting, or the foundation of a magnificent cathedral, the blank page is the basis for any written work.

And so, with the start of this new year, I have decided to take a concrete, measurable step toward improving my skills and recovering the joy of being a writer by launching this blog.

In the past, I have flirted with the idea of blogging, but I didn’t know what I was doing. The idea of keeping a blog or even a private journal has always held a romantic appeal for me, but without consistent, quality content, a blog is no better than either the directionless ramblings of just another narcissistic wannabe (however well-intentioned), or an abandoned vacuum taking up room in cyberspace.

I may still not know exactly what I’m doing, but thanks to the guidance of people such as Holly Lisle and Kristin Lamb, I have a better idea, now. Even though I have taken some previous bold steps toward realizing my dream of being a writer, such as participating in National Novel Writing Month, for too long, I have languished in my excuses instead of actively writing.

Thus, I introduce you to The Aberrant Pen.

Here, not only will I post my personal progress as I resume revising my first NaNo manuscript, but I will share what wisdom I learn through my own experiences and research as a writer, including the craft of writing itself as well as topics specific to the fantasy genre in which I write.

Motivation Mondays are where I will share my weekly progress on my own writing projects as well as provide inspiration and a place for my readers to share their own victories and problems in a spirit of communal support to kick off the week by chasing away the demons of apathy, self-doubt, and procrastination.

Writing Craft Wednesdays will discuss the process of writing itself, whether on fiction projects, blogging, or just school essays. Here, I’ll share what I’ve learned through my own experience as a writer as well as the wisdom I’ve gained from other gurus who have gone before me.

Fantasy Fridays, I’ll share bits and pieces from my favorite genre, whether it be recommendations for authors, games, and music, or research I come across in the midst of my own writing.

I hope that The Aberrant Pen will not only improve my discipline as a writer, but that it will help you, my readers, to grow in your craft, as well. And so, I invite you to join me as we set out on the adventure to conquer the vast unknown of the blank page by putting pen to paper and seeing where it leads us.

One thought on “The Blank Page”

  1. Interesting Blog! Lovely writing – Keep it up; look forward to reading more from you. Hope you sharpen your writing skill with every post,every sentence, every word. Best Wishes.

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