I Have a Dream

"I Have a Dream"
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Welcome to the first Motivation Monday! I’m riding a wave of creative optimism right now, so what better way to take advantage of it than to write a blog post and pass it on to you?

Why am I feeling inspired? Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in the United States and, incidentally, the day before my classes start this semester. I know I’m a bit late as far as getting blogging now that’s it’s 2011, but I have a good reason: I was travelling around Europe over Christmas vacation, and I only just returned to the United States about a week and a half ago.

Still, now that it’s officially the first week of school, I can’t think of a better Monday to launch this series.

First of all, MLK Day: On the holiday where we commemorate this great visionary of human rights and social justice, I feel inspired particularly so after coming back from spending a semester in France. There is nothing like being an outsider in a foreign culture that broadens your perspective and deepens your ability to empathise. With Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legendary speech still echoing through our hearts even half a century later, I can’t help but appreciate it even more now that I have spent some time with another people. As an International Studies major, I’m preparing myself to find solutions to conflicts between all sorts of people in the hope of building bridges between chasms of difference in order to construct a more peaceful world.

Also, on the subject of dreams, I think especially at this time of year, when we are fresh out of the gates with high hopes for the coming months, it’s entirely appropriate to dream a little with regards to our writing. Like Martin Luther King, Jr., I, too, have a dream that I will improve the content and character of my own writing. I haven’t set any concrete resolutions this year, but I hope to improve through keeping this blog as well as continuing to revise my first NaNoWriMo manuscript, a project I began last January, but which has been interrupted for the past five months while I was in France.

So, with regards to that project, I have not yet taken it back up, but I plan to continue within the week from where I left off in Holly Lisle‘s How To Revise Your Novel Course, an excellent walkthrough to the painful, yet glorious, process of revision. I will have to see about my class schedule this week, but hopefully by next Monday I will have at least read through the next chapter of the course and begun the practical revision.

As we begin this new year, what are your dreams for writing that you hope to accomplish in 2011?


Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.
Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow.

-Langston Hughes

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