Cake… What a Wonderful World Indeed

Happy Monday! Time to fire up the engines again and get started on another week of opportunities.

I was in a rather blah mood all weekend, though thanks to some quality time with a good friend, last night ended on a more positive note, and I feel better about tackling this first week of February.

Oh damn, is it already February?! Well, all the more reason to buckle down. By now, I’m sure a lot of New Year’s resolutions are looking, well… not so shiny anymore, but that’s an even better reason not to give up on them! Now that we have the handy-dandy “to-do” board, staying on track should be a piece of cake (or rather, several bite-sized pieces of the oh-so-delicious cake of completion in that “Done” column).

Mmm... Cake...

Focus! Actually, despite my rather humdrum weekend, I used a lot of my free time to continue working on revising my novel. I’m pleased to report much better news than last Monday: I’ve made it about a quarter of the way through this pass of the mauscript, currently triaging my world and analysing where my worldbuilding represents something more like a kindergartner’s shoebox diorama instead of a working model of the universe…

I mostly know where things fell apart, though it’s helpful to write them down for reference later when it’s time to come back and rewrite. And even though it’s tedious at times, it’s nice to be back on a project again.

So, since I’m working on worldbuilding right now, I’ll leave you with this inspirational video to get your week off to a “wonderful” start. What progress have you made in your projects since last Monday? Where do you hope to be by this time next week? Remember! Just a week at a time, and we’ll get to that piece of cake eventually!

What say you, dear reader?

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