Le Salon du Chocolat

Working at an embassy definitely comes with its perks. Before I headed up to Brussels, I had the opportunity to attend the opening evening of the world-renowned Salon du Chocolat, the largest chocolate convention in the world, held annually right here in Paris. Normally, the public has to pay 13 euros to get in to this event, but thanks to my connections at the embassy, my coworker, who has already attended in years past, kindly passed along her invitation to me. I’ve never been surrounded by so much chocolate in my life, and may I just say–


There wasn’t quite as much chocolate-tasting as I had hoped, but there was champagne to go with it, so it all worked out. I couldn’t tell you much about the dozens of chocolatiers I visited, as I was more interested in looking and tasting rather than buying chocolate, but they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Now if only we could figure out how to make them worth a thousand tastebuds…

Now here’s a way you can get kids to eat their vegetables…

I’m pretty sure they only looked like sardines… I hope…

The evening concluded with the much-anticipated chocolate fashion show. Now, I’d never been to a fashion show before this one, much less one featuring clothes made with and inspired by chocolate, but I think it’s best not to think too hard about the fact that people get paid to do this stuff. It brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “I just wanna eat you up…”


7 thoughts on “Le Salon du Chocolat”

    1. Yes, it was quite the Parisian event! Despite the crowds (apparently, we weren’t the only very important people there!), I enjoyed it a lot!

  1. I saw this advertised on televison. Sitting would be tough in some of those creations. I will never look at a sardine in the same light again. Thanks for sharing

    1. The reason those models are tall and graceful is probably for that exact reason: they’re too busy wearing chocolate instead of eating it, which everyone else knows is a silly thing to do. 😉

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